Vermot’s Veritas RS III will debut in a Supercar Show at Hurlingham in London

Vermot VeritasThe Veritas RS III from German car maker Vermot is set to wow the crowd in a London supercar show set to happen at the country club of  Hurlingham. The fancy Veritas RS III is a 1070kg, one-seater eye catcher that has V10 with 600hp under its hood. The engine was adopted from the M5.

The car is notable for having no driver aids at all. The concept is to provide the purest of driving experience with the driver taking command of the engine by its feel. We can not forget how the RS III super crashed on its first public test run.

The V10 engine can blaze from 0 to 60 in a blink of 3.2 seconds and it can zoom on a top speed of 216 mph. The sticker on this striking car is $375,000. The car will be on a limited basis with Vermot expected to roll out only 50 units. It will not be hard to find souls to write checks for a car like the Veritas RS III.

Vermot will also be coming up with an M3 V8 power plant that still kicks with 480hp.

The Veritas RS III will participate in the London Salon Prive this coming July. It will catch the spotlight together with other eye catchers like the DBS Volante, V12 Vantage, One-77 from Aston Martin, and the Maybach Zeppelin.

Seeing the car during the London show is also not cheap. Ticket prices come at $190 per head. Story via Sports Cars News.

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