Track ready: Nissan releases race spec 370Z NISMO RC

Nissan-370Z-RC-4Luxury sports car manufacturers like Ferrari are not the only one capable of producing race spec editions of their production units. Nissan joins the fun and released the tricked out 370Z NISMO RC recently. If you feel the need for speed and you got a bank account to burn, then you can call them now since they are already accepting orders.

The track ready 370Z NISMO went on a crash diet and dropped every trace of luxury from its standard release. As a result, the car is about 1,000 pounds lighter and hits the scales at 2,954 pounds.

In addition to the trimming off of the extra weight, Nissan Motorsport installed performance upgrades like reprogramming its ECM, installing a new exhaust system fit for race cars, put in coolers for the differentials, heavy duty clutch, engine oil, and flywheel.

The V6 3.7L engine was beefed up a bit compared to the stock model and is now capable of giving out 355 horsepower and a torque of about 276 ft-lbs.

Other features include the following: Sparco steering wheel, roll cage, racing seats by Recaro, switch panel made of carbon fiber, six point harness, fire extinguisher, and a roll cage.

The Nissan 370Z NISMO conforms ott the GT4 standards of the International FIA and the GTS class specifications of the World Challenge.

Nissan did not announce the tage price for their new creation but if you want to purchase one, call Nissan Motorsports thru 888.833.32.25.

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