Lexus GS-F getting power from LFA’s V-10

Japanese premium brand Lexus is planning to go on a head on collision with the M5 of BMW as it plans to make a super-saloon variant of the Lexus GS that will be depending on LFA V-10 engine. They will follow this up to catch up with the brood of Mercedes-Benz SL by launching an SC version.

Lexus GS-F SportThe next gen SC will be revealed by 2014 or about four years after the birth of its sibling which is due to be out by July this year. The next development will be a hybrid that will combine an electric motor with a V8 5.0L power plant. The GS-F performance saloon will be available by 2013 carrying a V-10 4.8L under its hood. Lexus’’ team is planning to de-tune the V10 to about 4.6L with an output of around 450 hp. This way, the low range torque can be beefed up. No need to worry about the reduced numbers since the GS-F will still be the most powerful Japanese saloon in the market today.

The Lexus GS-F will also get a torque differential which is similar to what the M cars and X6 of BMW has. The torque splitter will distribute the power properly to the rear wheels to help with better handling. The new SC will also have this feature.

Before we get too excited for the Lexus GS-F and SC, the car maker will pull the covers off its first hatchback at the upcoming motor show in Geneva this March.

The CT200h is a 5-door hybrid hatchback that will be available to consumers by 2011. It is inspired by the Prius platform but has been improved to be a more sophisticated ride.

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