G65 AMG by Mercedes-Benz, ridiculous tag price and ridiculous power

After quite a wait, the rumors have been confirmed. Mercedes-Benz is coming up with the G65 AMG. Too bad though that it will not reach the show rooms in the United States. Still the 250,000 euro SUV with a roaring 612 horsepower from its engine is worthy of everyone’s attention.

Yes, a lot of jaws dropped at the price but we did not add zeroes there, the G65 AMG is really a quarter of a million euros or roughly $347,00 dollars. The sticker price is not the only ridiculous detail about the ride from the Mercedes garage but the power of the V12 twin turbo engine is also insane as it gives out 612 horses and a torque of 738 lb-ft. Practically it is the most powerful production cross-country series vehicle in the globe today. And what about that is not to be believed.

Like its other siblings in the G Class updated lineup for 2013 the G65 AMG also has some minor updates for its exterior and a totally refreshed interior. The outside gets LED running lights for daytime driving just below the headlamps and a redesigned housing for the side mirror. The G Class also gets 20 inch rims, brake calipers in red, bumpers that features bigger intakes, and a double louver grille for the radiator.

If you are planning to bu a G65 AMG though you might want to ask if it is really worth it as its cost is equal to buying two units of the G63 AMG, or maybe will you buy it instead of 3 Corvette ZR1 or maybe a combo of a G3AMG and a 458 Italia by Ferrari?

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