Beijing’s First Auto Works Reveals New Limo Fit for Government Work

Red Flag Limo BeijingFirst Auto Works which is based in Beijing has long been supplying China’s official transportation for its hierarchy. This bond with the Chinese hierarchy can be traced back to the 1950s. First Auto Works started out with producing a Chinese localized rendition of the standard Soviet parade car. Over the past 50 years, though, they have significantly evolved.

More recently, FAW produced licensed stretch sedans which were loosely based on Lincoln and Audi vehicles. During the Beijing Motor Show, First Auto Works showed off a new limousine. According to the presentation, this limo is fit to be used by the government officials of the People’s Republic of China. The new limo was a modern take on the 1950s originals. The car carries a lot of classic details, but it also has a greenhouse and a door array.

Western guests in the car show would be quick to notice that the limousine bears a strong resemblance to the contemporary Rolls Royce Phantom. This is probably due to the design of the car’s door array. There weren’t any press materials written in English, so the following information were only deduced.

The western press had reason to believe that the limo is powered by a V12 engine. Again, it looks strangely like the engine of the BMW 7 series whose V12 engines made ripples in the 1990s. While FAW’s new Red Flag limo is questionable in terms of originality, it does “echo” the best of the classics, and it seems to be a respectable car in its own right. Being quite the limo fan, I’m loving it!

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