Nissan’s Racing Pedigree

Nissan RacerThe Nissan is revered as a reputed build of car all over the world, but there are few people who know about the racing history of the car or about the Nissan’s racing pedigree. Most reputed car manufacturers have at one time or the other come out with racing cars that have made their organization famous all over the world and Nissan is no different. Japan is famous for producing some of the leading cars of the world and Nissan is one of them, the difference being that this organization is considered to be among the topmost in Japan.

As far as racing pedigrees go, one does not have to look beyond the Nissan Skyline GT-R. This car has won more than 200 races and this includes winning the all Japanese Car Championships for five consecutive times, a tough feat to attain. A racing car needs to have a special aerodynamically designed body and with every passing year the body of the Nissan Skyline GT-8 has been improved so that it can deliver top-notch performance in the races.

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Ford to Introduce Plug-in and Hybrid C-Max in 2013

Ford Motors just announced that their Valencia plant (Spain) will be building the first hybrid and plug-in models for Europe. These two advanced technologies are derived from the C-MAX compact model, and will be introduced to the market in 2013. A fully electric vehicle (HEV) and a plug in (PHEV) are anticipated.

The reason why Ford Motors is producing an HEV and a PHEV variant of the C-MAX five-seater is because Green 2010 Ford C-Maxthe company intends to give their customers a wider range to choose from. The car manufacturer recognized the need for electric vehicles, especially with the emission regulations for the coming years.

The Ford’s Valencia plant was Europe’s single source for all CMAX versions and Grand CMAX which will be launched this year. The Grand CMAX feature the new Ford Ecoboost gasoline and Duratorq TDCi diesel and Ford Ecoboost engines. The car manufacturer is also ahead of the game with its global sourcing tactic. The Valencia plant will also produce the seven-seater variant of the CMAX. This is slated for distribution to North America by 2011.

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Beijing’s First Auto Works Reveals New Limo Fit for Government Work

Red Flag Limo BeijingFirst Auto Works which is based in Beijing has long been supplying China’s official transportation for its hierarchy. This bond with the Chinese hierarchy can be traced back to the 1950s. First Auto Works started out with producing a Chinese localized rendition of the standard Soviet parade car. Over the past 50 years, though, they have significantly evolved.

More recently, FAW produced licensed stretch sedans which were loosely based on Lincoln and Audi vehicles. During the Beijing Motor Show, First Auto Works showed off a new limousine. According to the presentation, this limo is fit to be used by the government officials of the People’s Republic of China. The new limo was a modern take on the 1950s originals. The car carries a lot of classic details, but it also has a greenhouse and a door array.

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Lexus GS-F getting power from LFA’s V-10

Japanese premium brand Lexus is planning to go on a head on collision with the M5 of BMW as it plans to make a super-saloon variant of the Lexus GS that will be depending on LFA V-10 engine. They will follow this up to catch up with the brood of Mercedes-Benz SL by launching an SC version.

Lexus GS-F SportThe next gen SC will be revealed by 2014 or about four years after the birth of its sibling which is due to be out by July this year. The next development will be a hybrid that will combine an electric motor with a V8 5.0L power plant. The GS-F performance saloon will be available by 2013 carrying a V-10 4.8L under its hood. Lexus’’ team is planning to de-tune the V10 to about 4.6L with an output of around 450 hp. This way, the low range torque can be beefed up. No need to worry about the reduced numbers since the GS-F will still be the most powerful Japanese saloon in the market today.

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Vermot’s Veritas RS III will debut in a Supercar Show at Hurlingham in London

Vermot VeritasThe Veritas RS III from German car maker Vermot is set to wow the crowd in a London supercar show set to happen at the country club of  Hurlingham. The fancy Veritas RS III is a 1070kg, one-seater eye catcher that has V10 with 600hp under its hood. The engine was adopted from the M5.

The car is notable for having no driver aids at all. The concept is to provide the purest of driving experience with the driver taking command of the engine by its feel. We can not forget how the RS III super crashed on its first public test run.

The V10 engine can blaze from 0 to 60 in a blink of 3.2 seconds and it can zoom on a top speed of 216 mph. The sticker on this striking car is $375,000. The car will be on a limited basis with Vermot expected to roll out only 50 units. It will not be hard to find souls to write checks for a car like the Veritas RS III.

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